high-end VFD screw air compressor

 high-end VFD screw air compressor
According to the energy-saving performance of VFD air compressor at startup, operation and constant pressure condition:
 Now 37 kw variable frequency compressor, for example, save electricity measurement under 70% load condition. (PS: In general, users will consider the appropriate allowance and upgrade the needs of the maximum gas, so most users actually use volume is only 70% of the rated gas production unit) If working for 8000 hours a year, and 1.0 yuan/Kw•h, a VFD screw compressor can save A+B=68960 yuan/year(about $11300)
 A. Unloading cost:30% unloading hours×unloading electric waste×total runing hours×electric rates
=30%*37*45%*8000*1.0=39960 yuan/year
 B. Electric waste of pressure difference:70% loading hours×2 bar pressure difference electric waste×total runing hours×electric rates=70%*37*14%*8000*1.0=29000 yuan/yearOther VFD compressor with different power:
22kW:41000 yuan/year(about $6630)
55kW:102000 yuan/year(about $16500)
75kW:139000 yuan/year(about $22490)
The power saving data can be measured quantitatively by ammeter compared with power frequency compressor.
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